Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Roof Before The Storm

I think for the first time in my life, something happened when it was supposed to happen.  My husband arranged to have a roofing company come and put a new rubber membrane on our mobile home. We have had small leaks falling from the kitchen light insert for the past month, as Dan has applied sealant about 3 different times.

We finally found a great company to apply our rubber membrane, which is so fantastic, and much more beautiful and practical.  Dan won't have to climb onto the roof to seal it any more.  Yay!  

It took 5 guys constantly working for 10 hrs apiece, to finish this beauty of a lifetime.

This is the finished product.   My brother-in-law asked where we got our salt shakers.  Yep, everything is sealed and melted together to form a nice thick rubber coating.

Dan asked me if I wanted to go up and see the new roof?  I was a little nervous to climb up until he told me that you can walk on it now.  Wow, you had to walk where the boards were before.  Now if I want to climb up the ladder, I could sit up here all day and watch, what, the leaves blowing??  OK, what ever!

"Hey Dan, we should play catch up here"!

No comment, OK, I guess he's leaving now?  

This morning as I was looking out the window, I was so thrilled to see large snowflakes lightly floating down to the ground. I could never capture the beauty from our lovely very worn out camera.  I want to see the snowflakes falling in this picture.  Hummmm!

We are both enjoying and loving the flurry of snow laughing back at us as we are thinking of our new roof, and thankful for the thought of never wiping up the leak in the kitchen again.

"Go ahead, snow and blow.  Make your mark, for we will not climb that ladder, we will not look at that sealant, we will enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday".

All is good in the Bridger home today, I'm feeling safe and warm.  

Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marching Band Student Raising Money For The Rose Bowl

I am doing a guest post on my daughter's blog this morning, she is the most artistic and creative busy Mama I know. I am trying to help raise money for my 3rd grandchild ( 2nd one to be playing in a marching band that is going or has been to the Rose Bowl).  She also had the opportunity to go with her High School last year from Sioux Falls, but Dads job moved them to Minnesota.  Now she is playing with the marching band that was her RIVAL last year.  Whew, the expense of doing this for the 2nd year is quite atrocious, so I am bringing this to the attention of family and friends for extra help with either purchasing of these gorgeous ornaments, or giving a small donation.  Her shop

New!!! 1" Mini Nativity Ornaments

Everything is cuter in miniature!!!  That includes my nativity silhouette ornaments :0} 
I have requests all the time for ornaments that can be handed out as gifts to kids in Sunday School classes or as friend gifts.  Now I have these little darlings to offer and at a totally affordable rate.  

I have these for sale on my Etsy site also.  You can purchase each piece separately, or mostly assembled, or totally finished, decorated with greenery and berries.  These ornaments consist of all the same supplies as the bigger counterparts, vinyl nativity cutout, clear ornament insert, and the clear bulb.  However, these ornaments are only 1 1/4" wide!!!  They are adorable!

I had my little Emmalee, age 5, hold one in her hand so that you could see just how small they are.

The bulbs I used were purchased at Hobby Lobby, 24 for $6.  Hobby Lobby also has just a slightly bigger ornament, about 1 1/2" made not out of glass, but shatterproof plastic.  They are just a little more, 12 for $5, but again...shatterproof! I was hoping these bulbs would be a great choice for my project, but it turns out they DON'T WORK for this particular style.  The holes are too small to get the acetate circles into, plus they are rather jagged.  You can, however, put the nativity on the outside of the ornament if you are determined to use shatterproof.  

 If you decide to order ingredients from me, do tell me if you buy the plastic ornaments so I can give you nativities that are just a little bigger.  Btw, the plastic ornaments are found back in the general craft section, not necessarily in the holiday section.

I had one customer buy a bunch of these small ornaments to use on their Christmas gifts as part of the wrapping.  How cute would that be to have an ornament tied onto a gift by the bow.  LOVE IT!

Anyway, I am so excited about this ornament set.  I have them for sale at the following prices:

$ 4.00 Mini Nativity Silhouettes, 24
$ 4.00 Acetate ornament inserts, 24
$ 6 box of glass bulbs, 24 bulbs
$10.00 Fully assembled and decorated ornaments, 1 dozen 

You can check out the listing HERE.  Want half that many???  Just let me know.  No problem.  Need lots???  Contact me and we will see if we can work out some kind of discount.
Feel free to drop by my Etsy and see what else I have for sale :0}

NEW!!! Set Of Three

This is my new smaller set.  Smaller because there are only three ornaments in the set...

They are certainly not smaller in size.  You could make these to fit the 2 5/8" ornaments, but they are just so fun in the 4" bulbs!  Here, I will give you a closer look.  Again, it is hard to photograph both layers at once, so I have two pictures of each ornament.

Peace On Earth

The shepherds, with their flocks, peering into the manger.

Joy to the World

And inside are the precious members of our Savior's humble family.

Goodwill Towards Men

With the Wise Men inside, bearing their gifts for the little Lord.

This set is available on my Etsy site as well.  You can purchase the pieces individually, or buy the ornaments as a completed set.  Like I said, I am able to make them in smaller sizes, just push the custom order button on my Etsy page.

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Nativity Work of Heart

It makes me almost teary eyed to present my new Nativity Ornament Set to you tonight.  I have worked so very hard for MONTHs now to get it together enough to put it up for sale.  Working and reworking the design was totally worth it though.  As I carefully strung each ornament on the line, I knew this set would become one of my most beloved Christmas decorations.  I look forward to talking with my kids, and eventually my grandkids about the story symbolized in the bulbs. 
I don't need to look into the future, though, to experience heart felt gratitude for the small and humble beginning of the most beloved family of all time.  Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, and yet, it seems to begetting further and further away from the holiday's true purpose.  I am so excited to have not Santa's and candy to hang on our tree, but ornaments that symbolize the very Reason For The Season, our dear Savior's birth.

Each of the 12 ornaments has a silhouette inside, then a short, simple phrase describing some part of the character or seen shown within.  It is a little tricky to photograph the double layer though.  Here is the outside saying...

And here is the silhouette within.  I made the letters on the outside out of black vinyl, and the inside silhouette out of silver vinyl.  I still plan to try it one more time with black inside and black outside to see if I like that better.  I like to get my ornaments from Hobby Lobby.  I prefer their Christmas ornaments over their standard glass ornaments due the the iridescent shine the Christmas version has.  It is just a lovely touch to the set.

So here are the ornaments in no particular order...
Again, remember that I chose to only focus on one layer of the ornament at a time, both layers are very clearly cut.  



Baby Jesus


Angel.  I had to think for a long time over this one.  I have another version that is actually three angels.  I could not decide on one or three...but finally went with one.  Any ideas about which you would have chosen???

The City of Bethlehem

The Star in the Sky

Wise Men

The Savior of Men,the man that little baby became.

That horrible donkey ride to Bethlehem.  I still feel sad for the both of them having to make that trip.  Can you even imagine riding a donkey on even ground 9 months pregnant!?!

The small little Stable

You can't forget the Animals that greeted the dear Savior at His birth.

I am so excited.  Now I just need to get a tree :0}  I know we are a ways from Christmas, but it never hurts to plan.  We got rid of all of our alpine trees this last move and now we have nowhere to hang out precious ornaments.  Maybe we will have to get a real tree this year!  These ornaments would look GREAT in a fresh, real live Christmas tree.  Once again I am so excited for real snow and real winter to accompany our Christmas season.  It was so hard to really feel like it was Christmas back in Arizona, but it had it's up-side too :0}

I have finally listed this ornament set on Etsy.  It is available as a completed set, or as a vinyl and ornament insert set like the firstNativity Ornament was.  You can check out the listing on Etsy or comment here with any questions you have.  I will be sure to get back to you as quickly as I can.

I've never seen anything more beautiful than the workmanship by Vanessa.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Wanted Tree's, Now I have Leaves!

My husband and I sold our home and moved into an older mobile home with a fabulous yard and lots of trees.  I'm still not sure what kinds of trees and bushes are growing everywhere, accept for the Russian Olive tree (I'm already sneezing just looking at it). I love tree's, bushes, and flowers, so much that I couldn't even explain how excited I was to move here.  

As you look out my back door, all you can see are mixtures of colored leaves falling from the trees.

I don't think like a normal person, I am so excited to see all those leaves, even though it means that I will have to physically move them around.  I want to return them back to the soil and work them in for their natural nutrients.   

Now I'm also looking at the other trees hovering over our yard and thinking I had better get started  because there are alot more leaves to fall!

For now I will cover the side garden spots and wait for springtime to work them into the soil.

I've got alot of work to do to clean this yard up the way I want to.

As I'm raking the leaves, I'm giggling inside thinking about falling on the pile and rolling around, making a mess, and not caring about the appearance of a grown woman acting like a child . 


My husband likes everything neat and trim.  He mowed and recycled all of the clippings in the neighborhood container.  I drive him crazy with all of the silly and rediculous idea's I come up with and never finish.   But, that's what gives great relationships substance.  Right?

What a great guy I married, he works so hard, always does what he is supposed to, and never gives up.  On the other hand, I'm like a naughty little BUM.  I make messes and try to creat things all over the house, and he just puts up with all of it.  I love him alot!

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors, and all of the fallen leaves.