Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Roof Before The Storm

I think for the first time in my life, something happened when it was supposed to happen.  My husband arranged to have a roofing company come and put a new rubber membrane on our mobile home. We have had small leaks falling from the kitchen light insert for the past month, as Dan has applied sealant about 3 different times.

We finally found a great company to apply our rubber membrane, which is so fantastic, and much more beautiful and practical.  Dan won't have to climb onto the roof to seal it any more.  Yay!  

It took 5 guys constantly working for 10 hrs apiece, to finish this beauty of a lifetime.

This is the finished product.   My brother-in-law asked where we got our salt shakers.  Yep, everything is sealed and melted together to form a nice thick rubber coating.

Dan asked me if I wanted to go up and see the new roof?  I was a little nervous to climb up until he told me that you can walk on it now.  Wow, you had to walk where the boards were before.  Now if I want to climb up the ladder, I could sit up here all day and watch, what, the leaves blowing??  OK, what ever!

"Hey Dan, we should play catch up here"!

No comment, OK, I guess he's leaving now?  

This morning as I was looking out the window, I was so thrilled to see large snowflakes lightly floating down to the ground. I could never capture the beauty from our lovely very worn out camera.  I want to see the snowflakes falling in this picture.  Hummmm!

We are both enjoying and loving the flurry of snow laughing back at us as we are thinking of our new roof, and thankful for the thought of never wiping up the leak in the kitchen again.

"Go ahead, snow and blow.  Make your mark, for we will not climb that ladder, we will not look at that sealant, we will enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday".

All is good in the Bridger home today, I'm feeling safe and warm.  

Enjoy your Sunday!


Susie said...

What a great idea to put a rubber membrane on your roof! And great timing too--just in time for the snow. Now you can sit, cozy in your warm house, and not worry about anything coming in that shouldn't. At least, through the roof :)

Marian Bridger said...

That was a great comment, I had a good laugh at that.

Lenore Rushford said...

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